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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you to everyone at Friends of Karin

Yesterday Josia went for his medical check at NY presbyterian /Columbia hospital. There they were celebrating the holidays with food drink and games. But what brought tears to my see when my wife told me over the phone is that a good friend and representative from Friend of Karin a non profit organization came to Josia and told him that Santa came early for him. They donated three super large bags of wrapped gifts for him and his baby brother Noah. The surprise was not over they also ups the big boxes of toys and gifts for Josia and Noah. Wow Josia was so excited that when we talked on the phone he was screaming and yelling daddy daddy you won't believe this Santa came early he came to the hospital to bring me gifts. I told you I've been behaving, taking my medicine and not trying to throw it up. I've been a good boy daddy trying to I'm eat all my food so I could have strength. I feel to my knees and said I know I know pappito you are the best! I can't wait to see you when you get home.

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