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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Current Updates

Josia Cotto was diagnosed on August 25th 2011 with an inoperable brainstem tumor called Pontine Glioma. Our six-year-old son is currently under the care of Dr. Gravin at the Children’s Hospital of NY Presbyterian/ University of Columbia. Josia has finished his Radiation Treatment and is still on Chemotherapy. This Chemotherapy that Josia is on is called Zolinza as known as Veronstat. Because Dr. Garvin is an Out of network Doctor we have reach over 70% capacity of both of our health insurance coverage and there is still a long way to go. We have over $20000 in medical debit and although we are facing a financial Crisis there is hope for our son, an alternative treatment in Houston Taxes. This alternative treatment is proven to have a high success rate were Josia stands a 6% chance on his current Chemotherapy treatment. Our HMO and/or Private insurance do not cover this treatment. We are asking for donations to have our son treatment Texas.  This alternative treatment has a price tag. That price is over $100,000 for at least one year of treatment. Please make a contribution and help give a chance of life to a child in need.

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