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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Special Thanks...

I would like to give a special thanks to

Jamal Mobley from IC Management Group LLC Helping us with a professional video shoot and up links to Josia's blog to istandardproducers.com for donation. Thank you Don and Hatch for help us out contribution are already coming in.

Zuleika Alvarao A/R dept Mgr. at C-Life Group, Ltd Helping us with printing and sorting 300 shirt with Josia's picture. All retail profit are donated in benefits to Josia's foundation.

Nancy Pascal NYC Public Advocate along with Hakeem Jeffries Brooklyn District Assemblymen and Executive Director of Beginning with Children Foundation.

Beatrice Romao Regional Marketing Manager and Ray Cruz Branch Manager for TD Bank Helping us reaching out to Ellen Degeneres and with total support raising funds for Josia treatment.

TD Bank Location: Forest Hills - Queens Blvd, Ridgewood Downtown, Westchester, Union, Union - Chestnut st., 36th and 7th st., and Rahway.

Parkside Radiology with contribution.

Franco and Topche PCA with contribution.

P.S. 159 Teacher and staff. With contribution and support.

PAL Preschool with contribution and support

Principle and Staff of CPC Charter School contribution and support and also privet tutoring for Josia.

Friends, Family and people who we don't even know that contribution and commented with prayers.

Please continue to help and spread the word out.

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