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Thursday, March 15, 2012

MRI #3

Doctor Please say it ain't so.

Yesterday Josia went in for an emergency MRI and Blood test. Niasia went to take him with Meliza. We were told to going home and wait for the call. Tomorrow came and we were told by Dr. Gravin that Josia's Brain Tumor is starting to grow again. After a victory of getting it down 50% we where hit with an unexpected blow. Doctor order us to stop Chemo as of today and wait two weeks to follow up with the next plan. This is overwhelming and I can even look at Josia. Niasia and I have been taking turn eventing in the next room away from Josia. He hasn't noticed anything yet but he clearly understand what is going on and what will happen.... sorry I can not continue this post because this very emotional for us. Please keep us in prayer and spread the word God will heal my boy and will not fail.

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