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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Letter to God

Dear God,

                You know who I am, Josia Dad. I've been praying to you for some time now and I know you already heard the same thing a hundred times. I ask you to please cure my boy from cancer. Josia is only six years old and he doesn't deserve this at all. He misses his friends at school and all the teachers there. It's hard for me to not break down but all I think about is Josia and his suffering. I pray that you will take this cancer out of him and banish it forever. I am strong in my sons eyes but in reality he his stronger than me. His fight against cancer has been rough. Round after round after round of Radiation and Chemotherapy, it has made him so frail and weak at times I haven't carry him. He gives me hope and  when he is hurting the most he looks up to me and say I love you Daddy, you are the best dad I could ever have. It crushes my heart painfully to see him like this. How much longer does he have to go through this. How much more pain does he have endure. You are supposed to be God almighty King of all king healer and provider. I can not see him suffer anymore so I ask you to please spare my son life and let him live so that he maybe give others hope and strong with his words. God I look up to the sky and I see all the stars that you have created and and wonder how easy could it be for you to make a miracle. You are merciful and loving please show my son that what you are. My wife can't barley stand, we have fallen on our knee to ask for your hand healing powers over our boy. What else is there more for us to ask for if our child is fighting a battle the seem endless. You have a plan for our boy and we hope that it is a testimony of life for him. I have prayed with out saying a word because only you know my heart and how I feel. I haven't lost hope or faith, I believe that you will come through but it is time that make me uneasy and anxious for an answer. If his purpose is to be with you than please let him not suffer anymore and as much as it would hurt us the most, I rather see him go in peace. Please let him live so that maybe one day he can give me grandchildren and I could care for them as much as I do for him. Help us and heal him whole. I pray in Jesus name Amen.

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  1. The tears are rolling down my cheeks as I read this, and my heart just breaks for all of you in a way I could never describe. God will heal your son, just as he has healed Cody. We pray each and every day for Josia to be healed as quickly and as painless as possible. Never lose hope and faith and remember the power of prayer proves miracles! God Bless