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Monday, December 12, 2011

A life for Josia...

On August 25th 2011, we received the worst news a parent could hear. Our first born son, Josia Cotto, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor called Pontine Glioma. When the doctors at Brooklyn Hospital explained to us what was wrong our hearts stop beating and a waive of emotion overcame the emergency room. This was truly a nightmare that become a reality. Our boy was unaware of what was going on. We held each other and asked how could this happen. The medical doctors at Brooklyn Hospital were unsure. We were told to take all the information given to us and visit NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:The University Hospital Of Columbia and Cornell. At New York Presbyterian Hospital, Josia began care under Dr. James H Garvin Jr. Dr. James H Garvin Jr. has been treating Josia since September of 2011. We were told that Radiation and Chemotherapy was the first step and we had to treat immediately, and so we did. Radiation and a cocktail of Chemotherapy named Vorinstat were the first steps suggested.   Josia has been on a high dosage of this Chemotherapy ever since. This was not easy for Josia. A series of hardcore radiation burn most of his skin around the ears and top of his hair line.  The Chemotherapy was also rough on him taking him on an emotional and medical roller coaster. Josia has lost most his hair and strength. What we want was also inedible we were told that no mater how much treatment Josia received the end result will be the same. Treatment would only postpone or in same cases slow down the growth of the tumor. We have not given up. Through Prayer and Faith God has placed special people on our path helping and care for Josia. Coworkers at niasia job told us about a Doctor that has helped children with Cancer. Until we show a movie that explained it all www.theburzynskimovie.com. Doctor Burzynski at Burzynski clinic in houston Texas have discovered a non toxic treatment that works. but this treatment is not covered under our health providers because it is consider to be an Alternative Treatment. if you have watched the movie you'll notice a Police office whose son was treated at the Burzynski Clinic. His son was only two years old. His name Dustin and his is about 14 years old now. I had the opportunity to speak to Dustin and his father Jack. This treatment works why doesn't our health care provider cover isn't my son life worth it. To our health providers his not. I made promise, a promise to a our six year old boy that I would get him the best treatment and the best Doctor. I will not sleep I will not rest I will continue to Pray and have faith because my son is worth it. We are asking for donations to have our son treated at the Burzyski Clinic in Texas.  Please donate and help give a chance of life to our child in need. 


  1. This is great Noel! I will spread the word!

  2. I will dedicate myself in spreading the word.... We will get his treatment!

    Christina Maria Sanchez