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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday night updates

Josia is feeling better today, although he gets tired quickly he's happy because he doesn't feel sick. He has shown improvements health-wise but his fight with cancer has become tiresome. He sleeps more and likes to sit and watch movies on our iPad. Weekends are better because he doesn't have to take his chemo but when Monday's dosage is given, the pain in his body starts again. I can't wait to get him to the Burzynski clinic. Hopefully by July we will have raised enough money to start the treatment and go on from there.

Event updates

Mrs. Guichardo and Nana are working on putting together a dance-athon.

Mom is networking with her friend Ranja and together they are setting up a reddit account for information about me and the cancer I'm fighting. This will help receive donations from people around the world. Mom is also going to get in touch with the owners of my favorite indoor water park for a awesome fundraising event. The place is called Sarah Sam's Oasis. I went there this weekend and I had a blast with my brother.

My dad is so cool with computers he is going to create an app with links to all my sites and important information about me. He is also reaching out to his friends, co-workers and boss at TD Bank to help him get a table for the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Jamal is finished with the song that his friends have put together along with our family video they took.

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is working hard with his colleagues to help do a press conference. He is an awesome person and I personally meet him.

Nilsa is selling name brand shirts to all her friends for donations.

Angel and Ada our neighbors from next door have been putting out buckets with my picture and story for help so far they have helped raise over $200 and they are still working hard to get more by spreading the word out to friends and families.

Juan and Reina owners of One Stop Auto located on route 22 are also going to help with donating to my organization.

Thank you mom and dad for not giving up because I mean so much to you. I know that it's been rough but remember I love you because you are the best parents a boy could ever have. Thank you.

To my Abuela thank you for your big hugs and kisses I love you do much.

To Julio, Damaris, Pete Cotto thank you for your gracious donation. And to the rest of the Cotto family thank you for your prayers and your kind words.

To my cousins Richie and Joseph thank you for setting me up with Make A Wish. We are working on my wish. You guys rock!

Thank you Christopher Russo for training so hard for the Five Boro Bike Tour. Hey I heard you are running 5 miles a day to workout thanks for riding for us. Your cool dude! Maybe when I get better we can race.

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